This all started just over a year ago now, as of the time this was written, April 2019. Back then I started experiencing some warning symptom of diabetes which I didn't pay any attention to and just continued in my ways until I went to a doctor because I was experiencing nerve pain and was put on Metformin, Lisinopril and Lovastatin for high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol respectively. My cholesterol wasn't actually high if I wasn't also diabetic. I don't like being on medication at all and so started researching how to overcome diabetes and heal myself of it. My first checkup after diagnoses my Metformin dosage was doubled. My next appointment my Metformin dosage was cut back in half. Next appointment the metformin and Lovastatin were dropped, my last appointment the Lisinopril was dropped. After about a year after diagnoses I am now medication free. At my last appointment the doc said that she would not even diagnose me as a diabetic at this point only that I have a history of diabetes.

This site will be a collection of resources for the newly diagnosed T2 person and be an ongoing repository relating to my relationship with diabetes, the reason why this is becoming so commonplace nowadays, how to heal yourself, warning signs and many other pieces of information about health, nutrition, and well being. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a doctor, any advice you read here should only be considered on your own discretion, I can take no responsibility.


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